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Diferencia entre To save y Save up

The main difference between "save" and "save up" is that "save" usually refers to setting aside money or resources regularly or in small amounts, while "save up" refers to the act of saving money or resources over a period of time to reach a specific goal or target amount.

For example, if you put $5 into your savings account every week, you would say you are "saving" money. But if you are setting aside money for a vacation or a down payment on a house, you would say you are "saving up" for that specific goal.

Another difference is that "save up" implies a longer and more deliberate process of saving, while "save" can refer to any amount of money or resources being set aside, whether it's a little or a lot.

Overall, "save" is a more general term for setting aside money or resources, while "save up" specifically refers to the act of saving over a period of time to reach a specific goal.


  1. She tries to save some of her income each month.
  2. We need to save money to pay for our son's college tuition.
  3. He was able to save his computer files before the hard drive crashed.
  4. You can save time by taking the highway instead of the back roads.
  5. She was able to save the drowning child by pulling them to safety.

Save up

  1. They are saving up for a trip around the world.
  2. I need to save up enough money to buy a new car.
  3. She is saving up her vacation time to take a longer trip next year.
  4. He's been saving up for months to buy a new camera.
  5. We need to save up our energy for the long hike ahead.